Azuga is proud to be the preferred telematics supplier for Erie EnRoute®. Enjoy the EnRoute® discount and a 30% discount on the top fleet telematics system in 2021, as rated by, the true source of unbiased reviews. With Azuga you will enjoy the following features, all standard for the Enroute Program.

  • Free Telematics Device or Cameras
  • Access to Azuga Fleet Management Portal
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Location Tracking, Live Maps, Routing, Geofencing, Fuel Management and More
  • Integration into the Top Fleet Management Products
  • Vehicle Health Maintenance
  • Predictive Driver Scoring and Behavior Alerts
  • Driver and Fleet Manager Apps
  • Rewards (self-funded and managed)
  • Unlimited Set-up and Training
  • Fleet Safety and Operations Coaching
  • Custom Reports and Setup
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Risky Driving Alerts
  • Access to the Firestone/Bridgestone National Accounts Program (parts and repair discounts)

Azuga & Erie Benefits

  • Save on fuel, taxes, maintenance, breakdowns, and idling
  • Capture accidents and risky events
  • Dedicated customer success manager
    • (CSM) – Azuga’s CSM is your safety advisor
  • Quarterly fleet safety reviews
  • Built-in driver reward to improve behavior
  • Compare fuel purchases to miles driven
  • Protect yourself from nuclear verdicts

Azuga Fleet – Features & Benefits

Fleet Operations

Managing fleet and field operations takes a leap forward with Azuga Fleet.

  • Real-time vehicle location/status
  • Fleet performance dashboard
  • Fuel usage and fuel card integration
  • Vehicle history trails
  • Occupant recognition
  • Trip tagging and miles per state
  • Find closest driver
  • Geofences/landmarks with alerts

Driver Behavior and Safety

Building a safety culture becomes much easier with Azuga Fleet score and rewards.

  • Driver scores (portal, mobile app)
  • Driver rewards (portal, mobile app)
  • Harsh braking/hard-core breaking
  • Speeding and sudden acceleration
  • Hard cornering
  • Seat belt usage compliance
  • Excessive idling
  • In-cab alerts for safety events

Fleet Health

Azuga Fleet takes the headaches out of fleet maintenance management.

  • Engine diagnostic reports (DTC codes)
  • Vehicle service entries
  • Maintenance history
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling with alerts

Powerful Reporting

The insights you need for effective fleet management are at your fingertips.

  • Speeding and fuel usage
  • Activity summary and trip logs
  • Stop reports and idling
  • Breadcrumb and who was where
  • Geofence entry/exit and landmarks
  • Driver scores and rewards

Real-time Alerts

Keep operations under control and ensure your team is safe and productive.

  • Speeding
  • Hard braking
  • Stop time and idle time
  • Unauthorized vehicle usage
  • Low fuel & low battery
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Check engine light
  • Alerts shown on portal and emailed

Customer Support

Azuga Fleet’s top-notch support helps deploy smoothly and get successful quickly.

  • On-boarding and account configuration
  • Web-based training
  • Toll-free telephone customer support
  • Online support and knowledge base
  • Data storage
  • Custom api integration
  • Advanced custom data analytics
  • Lifetime warranty on azuga fleet device

70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers.
Improve driver safety with the dual-facing dashcam, bundled with GPS fleet tracking, at a price you can afford.
We will also highlight important features of Azuga

Protect your Drivers

  • Monitor and alert risky distracted driving behaviors.
  • Reward safe and efficient drivers.
  • Relevant driver coaching with real video examples.
  • Build mutual trust.

Protect your Business

  • Reduce Insurance premiums and accidents
  • Protect your business against nuclear frivolous lawsuits
  • Keep your employees safe
  • Virtual eye-witness at every scene



“Azuga has been everything and more than expected, creating a highly engaged workforce, empowering each employee to modify his/her driving behavior in real-time.”

Chris McKeeman


Family Service Foundation

“With Azuga, we completely reversed our situation. Now we not only talk about safe driving but also document it. That has made a difference and resulted in improved safety of our clients and lower insurance costs for us. We like to consider it as a win-win situation.”

Gordon Raley


Have questions? Get answers.

Using safety telematics and cameras is about a partnership in reducing accidents and keeping drivers safe. While drivers may feel uncomfortable, these proactive tools are intended to help drivers be safer and protect them when someone else is at fault. According to NHTSA, 70% of commercial vehicle accidents that involve a passer car were not the fault of the commercial driver. With Azuga, your driver can back up their side of the story. Azuga cares about the driver and our companion app allows drivers to see everything the fleet owner sees and can be configured to operate only during business hours. Azuga operates directly with you and your fleet to focus on improving operations, maintenance, and driver safety.

While it is true that Azuga has the best cameras and telematics solutions, we pride ourselves on being the most fleet-centric solution in the market. We know fleets are understaffed and busy. That’s why we dedicate a customer success manager to extend your safety team’s activities no matter what size of fleet you are.

Azuga is also the most driver-centric solution. Our goal is to engage drivers in safe behavior and operational compliance so that everyone wins. Our award-winning user interfaces are simple, intuitive, and designed to grow with changing fleet needs.
Your business is unique. It has its own goals and challenges, each of which can factor into your GPS fleet tracking software and video camera decision. The solution that works for one business may not be right for another, even within the same market and industry. Instead of using a cookie-cutter recommendation, it’s important to take stock of your business needs and the features available from the GPS and camera solution you are considering. Check out our Fleet Tracking guides for detailed information about what Azuga can offer.
Azuga fleet can help improve road safety, reduce accidents, quicken the claims process and exonerate drivers, all of which are major factors behind insurance premiums. Azuga programs can boost the efficiency of your fleet and improve productivity. Azuga tools keep your fleet vehicles in good health by monitoring vehicle diagnostics and receiving predictive maintenance alerts. Azuga Rewards retains good drivers while Azuga Coach converts risky drivers into safer drivers. Why not boost employee morale while creating a culture of safety? Azuga has easy to generate and automated reports to help run your business and to create custom reports upon your request. Let Azuga keep your fleet ahead of compliance needs, manage road tax reporting, track gas card usage, provide overall safety alerts and perform valuable business analysis.
Fleets may be concerned that fleet telematics data will be used against them. The cost of commercial auto insurance has increased each year, for the past 8 years, because losses have been increasing dramatically. The only way to stabilize the cost of insurance is for insurance carriers and fleets to partner in achieving safety. It is losses that affect insurance rates. Telematics reduces losses, provides valuable data to exonerate drivers and if your driver is at fault, claims cost less the quicker they are paid. Safety is a win for the driver, the fleet owner and insurance carrier. Were here to help not hurt. This program helps us to be on your side when there is an accident.
Azuga cameras capture data when the vehicle is being driven and when there is a risky event. The Azuga companion app allows the driver to see everything the boss is seeing, so drivers can be certain there are no covert recordings. Drivers who are off duty relaxing in their vehicle have nothing to worry about, just switch the camera to privacy mode. Were here to help not hurt. This program helps us to be on driver’s side when there is an accident.
An Azuga fleet device plugs into your vehicle’s OBDII port. There is no hardwiring or professional installation. Once installed, Azuga interfaces with both the vehicle’s computer, global positioning system (GPS) satellites and the video camera without any effort from the fleet. The fleet device combines this information with metrics from additional internal sensors and transmits encrypted telematics data securely over the internet to our servers. Driving data can then be accessed through the Azuga fleet portal or smartphone app. The driver and the fleet operator will be able to view the same information regarding videos, vehicle health, maintenance, driving behavior, idling and much more.
Simply choose the method above and call Azuga, request an email or book a meeting with your Azuga representative to learn more about the discounts offered through your Insurance carrier. We will help you craft the perfect fleet tracking solution for your business, provide you with a quote, and demo our software at no cost. Let us demonstrate just how easily Azuga Fleet can improve your fleet’s operations.